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Captain Ralph Kohn Collection

I think that it can be truly said that Ralph Kohn was a man who would help
anyone if they needed it and if he was able to. Recently I was given all of
Ralph’s notes, documents and photos appertaining to Eagle for the archives.

We already held his uniforms. These latest things have proved a valuable asset
to the archives. A number of questions that we had been asked over the years
for which the archives did not have any answer, we now have the answers thanks
to his keeping of much paperwork and notes etc. The receiving of the Ralph Kohn Collection was made possible through the generosity of Ralph’s family and
particularly Peter Kohn, Ralph’s son, who put aside all the Eagle items.

I wish to put on record our sincere thanks for this gesture.
Ralph will never be forgotten and although he is no longer with us he still
speaks through his collection.

Ralph's Flight Bags
(White one belongs the Archivest)


Eagle Aviation DC 6A/B Complete Operations Mannual
Belonging to the Then F/O Ralph Kohn

Eagle Aviation

Private Eagle Aviation Pension Rules
Aircrew Handbook 1950



Private Enterprise in Aviation
Leaflet deals with Eagle Aviation and Eagle Airways and their work


BAC 1-11 Advert on Tin


Flight Safety booklet Issued by British Eagle, deals with various safety
performances of UK airline operators and those of
British Eagle between Jan-May 1968