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Harold Bamberg CBE, FRAeS

The passing of Harold Bamberg CBE, FRAeS 
Founder and Chairman of the Eagle Group of Companies   

Having arrived early at St.Michaels Church in Sunningdale, I witnessed the mist slowly disapperaing over the church and graveyard. The sun began to shine brightly and the autumn leaves on the trees showed their beauty with wonderful colours.

It was a wonderful setting, it was the day of the funeral of a dear friend and employer
Mr Harold Bamberg.

As Harold's coffin entered St.Michaels draped in the flag of British Eagle, which had last flown at London Airport in 1968, the service began.

As the Archivist for the Eagle Group it was a privilege to have been asked
by the family to give a tribute on behalf of the employees of Eagle.

It was a sad occasion as we said goodbye to the man who was a
giant in British aviation.

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