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Dave Cotterell

This Vickers Viking Section of the site is dedicated to the memory of Dave Cotterell by kind permission of his wife Barbara Cotterell

Anyone who knew Dave would know of his passion for the Vickers Viking aircraft. His research into the history of every single Viking that was built brought him into contact with many ex-Viking flight crews and engineers who shared their experiences with him.

It was a lifetime's research, the results of which are now held in the Brooklands museum library.
I first met Dave at Eagle, on the duty crew roster; he was the licensed radio engineer on the shift and a very knowledgeable engineer at that. The spare moments between turnarounds on the central area at Heathrow were spent looking at other airlines aircraft. He carefully recorded all movements.

Although we spoke often on the telephone we last met at the British Eagle reunion 2004. Even at this reunion he was gathering stories and experiences from flight crewmembers of the Viking.

Dave will be missed by many; particularly by his family, he was indeed a family man,
but the memory of Dave will go on forever.

Can I encourage you to view his works on the Viking now kept at Brooklands museum.

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